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After a lot of Wait, Pubg Mobile Season 8 Second Update has arrived With a Great Cool Number of Updates. However, There Were New Improvements and Other Rewards.


Here, We are Going to Discuss Some of New Features Comming With the 0.14.0 Update. This 0.14.0 Update arrived Globally in the Pubg Mobile 0.14.0 on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Update Size of this Update is around 700MB. Where you Will get Free Parachute Trail along 2000BP Coins as Rewards to Update.

What’s New With 0.14.0 Update Features and improvements.

  • Prformance and compatibility of PUBG Mobile with more number of devices has been improved.
  • Reduction in power consumption while playing PUBG Mobile on some iOS devices making them last a little bit longer with charging.
  • Driving vehicle has been made smoother with improved animations.
    Improvements in Classic Mode to make it run smoother on some low-end devices. Along with faster pickup, equipping and opening/closing of backpack.
  • System UI is now more user friendly and easier to navigate. Shop area has undergone a major overhaul with new background, lighting effects, better camera angle and better highlights for more depths and texture.
  • Armory visuals have been greatly improved to have a better look at your favorite weapon from all angles. Also, more detailing has been done to the weapons to make them look heavier and more realistic.
  • Friend list as well as online friends interface has been improved with more options while viewing friend’s profile or inviting someone to join your team.
  • Fixed bugs related to climbing and jumping walls.
  • Fixed the bug when many times players got stuck in buildings.
  • Fixed the bug where zombies got stuck in walls in survival mode.
  • Fixed the bug where backpack models (Lvl.1/2/3) displayed incorrectly in the main menu.
  • Fixed bug where players were not able to update their Avatars using their linked social accounts.


With Every New Update, the Infection Mode is Been Improved added to Evo Grounds. The Infection Mode is Divided into Two Groups as The Zombies and The Defenders. This is Quite Similar to TDM Where One is Defenders and Another one is Zombies. Means, The Idea Behind is Classic Apocalyptic Movie. The Zombies Knock any Defender Out then the Defender Have to Knock Zombies.

If all the Defender Turn into Zombies then the Zombie Team Win With the Given time of 15 Minutes. Therefore the New Map Arrived Named as Last Harbor Map. Moreover, The Zombie has Zombie Power and the Defender is Normal as We play in Zombie Mode.

Revamped User Interface and Setting.

One of the Biggest Update is the UI Where you have Some Screen and Setting Adjustment along with Modes Selection menu. This having More Easy and User-Friendly Controls of the Map. The Download of Map can Continue in the Background as well.

Pubg Mobile Resource Pack Reduces

The Major Focus is on the lag Free Gaming Experience for Pubg Mobile. Which Reduce the Pubg Mobile Complete File Package. Tencent Made the Extension Pack Reduce for Rarely Used Equipment and Other Resources. Hence, The pubg Mobile Also Make the Resources to Display With a Place Holder Icon on the HomeScreen and Will Disappear When the Extension pack Will is Downloaded.

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